Snip20190310_6 Food Waste

Household Food Insecurity

There are over 127 million households in America, and this does not include those that are not fortunate enough to have a roof over their head. Out of these households, in most states a minimum of 13% of them face difficulty feeding their families throughout the year. That is a minimum of 17 million households that don’t know when their next meal will be at some point throughout the year.

We want to help this cause by delivering food to homeless shelters and families in need throughout the country and we can do this with your help.

Every year in America 133 billion pounds of food are wasted. This represents 1,239 calories per person per day and over $1500 per year for the average family of four. If we could stop wasting so much and take a fraction of the savings and donate it to help fight hunger, we together could make a huge impact.

Anything you can do will help lead to a family having a meal they didn’t know they would have or a child to getting the food they need to have the strength to have a fair shot in life. Lets work together and feed America on family at a time.

Let’s help a family get back on track.